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Low cost API and website for timestamping on the bitcoin blockchain

I created in 2018 and we recently launched some API docs for our timestamping service, improved our timings (faster), and also lowered our costs for paid service which is accessed through the website.
What it is: timestamping on the bitcoin blockchain
How to use it:
API: The free API is simple, can be done from command line like this, with no registration and even email notification is optional. Submission to bitcoin blockchain happens in 2-4 hours. Faster service available on the website including immediate submission.
hashed=($(shasum -a 256 meetingNotes.pdf)) curl -X POST \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d '{"originalHashes":["'"$hashed"'"], "emailToNotify":"[email protected]"}' > meetingNotes.chainstamp 
We will launch a paid api service soon with api keys etc. for businesses or apps that need frequent timestamping.
Website: The web version lets you drag and drop files and choose from 3 payment/timing levels with (basic(free), simple, pro). We just lowered our timings and prices significantly. Source of client website is viewable on github.
When you drag and drop files, they are not submitted to our server just the hash of the file is submitted. Review the client code to check or view your network tab in browser console to verify. You can also run website locally.
Pro service submits your tx immediately and costs $7.99 (while supplies last). You can pay in BTC or credit card (stripe). For anonymity choose BTC of course (we receive to unique addresses).
What it is good for: Prove a document existed at a certain point in time (proof of existence). It is great for any legal or compliance related docs, for copyright purposes, photos (journalists), or for just timestamping any data. In Italy a business is using our site to timestamp some of their database records on a regular basis so they can prove the data has not been altered.
Why we did it: I know there are a bunch of other timestamping services out there (opentimestamps, originstamp,etc) but I think the area is still underused by people and businesses.
We are going to try to keep fees low and delays at a minimum. So no more waiting for 24hrs for a timestamp you need quickly. Let us know what other services you want.
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